More things to see in Halesworth

The Thoroughfare
One of the most attractive parts of Halesworth is its pedestrianised shopping street with its pubs, pavement cafes and small independent shops each with its own individual floral display. These, along with a ten year plan for bulb planting, drought-friendly plants on the roundabouts and many other floral features, helped Halesworth win three successive Gold Awards in the annual Anglia in Bloom competition, as well as Best Small Town in 2015. Of particular interest is the ancient carved wood bressemer over the Ancient House and our amazing decorated bollards!

The Market Place
Situated at the southern end of the Thoroughfare this open area is surrounded by handsome buildings. Sadly, after a disastrous fire in June 2018, some of the most ancient on the west side are currently under reconstruction. Halesworth’s charter to hold markets dates back to 1222 and a market is still held weekly on Wednesdays.

Halesworth Cemetery
Halesworth Cemetery is a haven for wild life, with wild flowers flourishing among the tombstones and it is home to many fine old trees. It is a pleasant walk from the entrance in Holton Road passed the two chapels built in 1854, into the first and oldest sections opened 1st January 1855. Burials ended here circa 1910. This forms part of our Heritage Tree walk.

The Town Park
Accessed from the Town Centre car park, the Town Park was created by Donald Newby (Chair of Halesworth UDC 1970-71) and Lady Rugby who donated some of the land. In 2016 it received a Green Flag Award for community involvement. For the Joseph Hooker Bicentenary in 2017, Halesworth in Bloom created a trail featuring plants introduced here by Hooker including a flourishing Giant Redwood.

Millennium Green
Accessed via a bridge directly from the Town Park, this 50 acre conservation area, is the largest Millennium Green in the country. It contains an orchard with traditional local apples. Water voles, owls and kingfishers can be seen here and frogs, fish, toads and newts inhabit several ponds. International Cycle Path One provides an all-weather level track over its whole length.

Memorial Garden
Adjacent to St Mary’s Church the garden centres on the Town’s War Memorial. Now adopted by Halesworth in Bloom it features many plants associated with the two Hookers, whose memorial can be found in the Church.

World Land Trust
Halesworth is home to this international charity which raises funds to purchase and protect critically threatened habitats worldwide. The trust celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014 and during that time has saved more than 500,000 acres of tropical forest and other wildlife habitats. Its Gallery in Bridge Street will be open on Saturday 21 with displays about their projects and attractive art work for sale.

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White Hart, Thoroughfare
Angel Hotel, Thoroughfare
The Swan, London Road

Edwards, Thoroughfare
Cleones (Angel Hotel), Thoroughfare
Singtong Neeyom Thai Restaurant, London Road
Raj Puth Indian, Market Place
The Boarding House, Market Place
Seashell Fish & Chips, Bridge Street

The Hideout, Thoroughfare
Cherie’s, Thoroughfare
Focus Organic,Thoroughfare
Farmhouse Bakery, Thoroughfare

Seashell Fish & Chips, Bridge Street
Hong Kong Chinese Takeaway, Bridge Street
Pappa’s Pizza, Bridge Street
Deli, Thoroughfare
Focus Organic, Thoroughfare
Fish and Chip Shop, London Road
Golden House Chinese Takeaway, Market Place
Singtong Neeyom Thai Restaurant, London Road
Raj Puth Indian, Market Place